Christmas Movies Printable for Your Planner + 15 Must Watch Christmas Movies

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What better way to keep track of the movies you want to see this holiday season than with a cute printable for your planner? I designed this Must Watch Christmas Movies printable just for this purpose. I am so excited about setting up my Christmas planner soon. I try to do it around the end of October or beginning of November so that I can plan a little ahead and get started with my gift buying early. I’ll have a whole post on how I’m setting up my Christmas planner soon, so keep an eye out for that. Okay, so first let’s talk about my 12 favorite Christmas moves that need to be on your list!

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Here are 12 of my favorite Christmas movies that will definitely be on my list this year-

Let me know in the comments, which movie on my list is your favorite? I’d have to say that The Polar Express has become my favorite in the last few years. My boys love it, too.

I’ve got this printable for you in both half size and personal size, so you can grab which size you need. Scroll down the post to sign up for my email list and get these printables sent to your inbox!

Also, don’t forget that you can get my full Christmas planner over in my shop. I’ve got the full set of Christmas printables, and a printed version in both personal size and half letter size that you can purchase and have shipped to you. I have an entire planner dedicated to Christmas planning using these printables and it definitely helps take some of the stress out of Christmas by getting plans and ideas out of my head and into the planner.

I just love the Christmas season and I can’t wait to dive in and get started planning. I used to think it was silly to plan out the things you want to do for the holiday, things to bake, movies to watch, etc… but I swear life feels so busy right now if I don’t, it will fly by before I know it. Plus, I love using the budgeting sheet and gifts sheets to plan my Christmas budget, keep track of gift buying, and more.

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  1. The Grinch! Who can help loving that movie? Has to be the most popular Dr. Suess book ever.

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