Caramel Apple Cocktails for Fall

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A caramel apple has got to be one of my favorite Fall treats. When I posted my Salted Caramel White Russian and my Caramel Apple Sangria, I started getting even more people wanting to know about more caramel apple cocktails. So, today I’ve got 20 of them, and every single one looks amazing!

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Caramel Apple Cocktails

Caramel apples just really take me back to the fair in the Fall. We haven’t been able to go this year because of everything that is going on, but seriously- one of the best things about this time of year was visiting the fair and eating our favorite fair foods, like caramel and candied apples, riding the rides, and wasting so much money trying to win games. Just when the weather starts to get crisp and cool. Also, fair food has changed a lot since I was a kid, but sometimes you can still get lucky and find a yummy caramel apple.

In this list I’ve got everything from slush iced drinks to warm Fall drinks with a caramel apple theme, so if you love caramel apples like I do, one of these is sure to be right up your alley.

20 Caramel Apple Cocktails

These cocktails really get me into the Fall spirit. It is so easy when you have so many great caramel vodka options. Tell us in the comments which one you’d like to try or if you have another Fall drink that is your favorite.

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