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Hey guys and welcome back to another freebie sticker kit. Today’s kit is a free printable floral Daily Duo sticker kit. I made this kit as a part of our February new additions to the printable planner sticker membership but it is great any time of year, but especially while we are transitioning from Winter to Spring. To download this free sticker kit, keep scrolling and sign up for my email list to get access to the free library of printable stickers. I have even more free printable Daily Duo sticker kits, here.

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Free Printable Floral Daily Duo Sticker Kit

What comes in the daily duo kits?

As with all of my daily duo sticker kits, there are 6 sheets total. You get the headers and date dots, then the functional sticker sheet. You get time labels and top boxes, then finally two sheets of the bottom boxes, too.

You can see how I use these kits over on Instagram. Here’s a look at how I recently used this kit. I hadn’t added time labels or functional stickers, yet, but this is how I do my headers and top and bottom boxes.

Daily Duo planner with stickers

Where to get the stickers?

Free Printable Library

And finally, for access to all of my free printable stickers, including this floral Daily Duo kit, just sign up for my email list below-

New to printing your own stickers?

I hope you love this free printable daily duo sticker kit. If you are new to printing your own planner stickers, there are a few basic things you need. I have a full tutorial to help you get started, here.

Then, here are some supplies I recommend. Of course, these can always just be cut with scissors or an xacto knife if you aren’t ready to invest in a cutting machine just yet. Also, any printer will do. The key is really just sticker paper so you can stick the stickers once they’re cut. If you are new to printable stickers, also be sure to check out our Printable Stickers 101.

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