Free Digital Planner | 12 Week Fitness Journal

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Hey planner friends! I have official made my first ever free digital planner. I wanted to do something simple that I could create to get my feet wet with making a digital planner, and this is so perfect. I’ve been talking about my 12 week goals, and this planner fits perfectly with that, it is a 12 week fitness journal that you can use to track your goals, food, workouts, weigh ins, and more. It’s a simple planner but I think any digital planners who are on a fitness or health journey will really appreciate it.

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To download, just sign up for my email list below, and then we’ll get into a little more information about digital planning. I’d also love to hear any feedback if you have used the planner, so that I can adjust the next time I create something. Thank you!!

Okay, so digital planning. Basically there are a lot of different ways to do digital planning, but here’s what I honestly recommend. I tried digital planning before with my android tablet and a stylus that I picked up and it was just not what digital planning dreams are made of, so if you have a use for an iPad and also want to do digital planning, it is definitely worth it I think to get one. I have used so many tablets over the last few years, and we’ve determined that the Amazon fire tablets are junk, seriously we’ve gone through like 4 in the last 4 years. The android tablets are okay, but they just don’t do all of the fun stuff that iPads do, so I was so happy to finally own an iPad.

I purchased the newest generation iPad Air, and an Apple Pencil. The main thing you need to be concerned about and double check is that your iPad that you buy is compatible with the Apple Pencil. The older iPad Air tablets are not, it used to be only the iPad and the iPad Pro that were compatible, and it varies depending on the generation, which is wack, but just make sure to double check when you are getting yours. If you already have an iPad, great! I recommend the Good Notes app, that’s what I use for my digital planners. I also have downloaded Keynote and Procreate, but those aren’t necessary unless you want to do some doodling and designing, or if you want to create your own planner, but they do come in handy, I find.

I shared the best digital planner for beginners, here. I love this planner and am still using it. The shop CCM Digitals is who created it, and the shop owner did such a great job of making it user friendly with lots of instructions and other helpful things included so I couldn’t recommend her enough.

For the 12 week fitness journal I created, I included 12 hyperlinked weekly tabs where you can track your weekly food and workouts. You can see the video I did to show how it works, below-

Then, you can keep track of your progress on the 12 week progress page that is hyperlinked at the top of the book.

And that’s it, easy peasy and simple, and super functional if you are looking to work on your health goals this year.

After you are done here, check out these other digital planning tips-

How to Add a PDF to your Digital Planner

Anyway, leave me any digital planning questions you have below so that I can answer them in upcoming posts and videos! Also sign up for my email list to get notified about new content (and download the free digital fitness planner!).

Happy DIGITAL planning!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I really need to put this to use and actually use it! I just started digital planning and love it!

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