Free Mason Jar Weight Loss Tracker Printable

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Hey guys! I’m on a roll here with my weekly freebies!! I’m excited about today’s freebie, for sure! These mason jar weight loss trackers became really popular in the “planner community” and I love them. I had one in my Daytimer planner before I stopped using it, so I’ve needed another one! This one is going to hang in my office I think. I knew I wanted this to be a January freebie so everyone that is on a weight loss journey this year could get it printed out & set up to use. Okay, so here’s the freebie!

Free Mason Jar Weight Loss Printable

Woohoo! Okay! In case you are wondering how in the world to use this thing… here we go! You could print it on cardstock & use a pencil to keep track or use re-position-able stickers. However, I recommend having it laminated (at staples if you don’t own a laminator) or placing it inside a sheet protector and then using some cute stickers to keep track of your pounds lost.

Here’s mine…

Free Mason Jar Weight Loss Printable

I wrote on my laminated tracker with a wet erase marker & I used these glitter star stickers. They’re pretty common & easy to find and they are really easy to remove & re-position into the other mason jar!

So there you have it!

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If you are looking for some tools for printing printables, here’s what I reccomend-

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