Free Monthly Bill Checklist Printable

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It’s time for another freebie, friends! Today I am sharing my Monthly Bill Checklist printable! I’ve got both letter size and half letter size!



You can use this printable to check off your bills due each month and make sure you don’t miss any payments!


download the letter size version

download the half letter size

Use the letter size on a clipboard or in your household binder, or the half letter is perfect for your Carpe Diem, Filofax, kikki-K, or other A5 size planner!

I hope you enjoy this freebie! Please let me know of any other freebies you’d like to see- I’m always open to suggestions. Just let me know in the comments!


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  1. I have always been pretty organized with out budget and personal finances. I love things like this, check lists and planners, to make sure everything is properly taken care of.

  2. This is seriously such a great way to keep track of everything so you don’t forget and fall behind! Even if payments are automatic it is good to followup!

  3. I need this badly. Thanks for this, I am a huge printable freak and I was just thinking about making one and now this saves me time. I need something to keep track!

  4. I have to keep a spreadsheet like this for my bills, it keeps me on tract and it helps me make sure payments are made on time.

  5. This is something I definitely need! Most of our bills come out via auto pay but there are still quite a few that I pay myself online. I also like the full budget and finances booklet!

  6. This is something I really need to print out – I’m so bad with finances and it’s just getting worse now I’ve started freelancing haha x

  7. I love the full planner! And the amount of options. I’m a weekly planner type of person and I go absolutely crazy happy when I get to find new planners. Thanks for sharing

  8. This is a really cute tracker! I found that keeping them written out makes a huge difference in managing payments. I write them all out in my planner so I don’t miss any.

  9. What a nice and colorful way to keep track of bills – I need to give this to my husband, who is always wondering if he paid this or that bill! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet

  10. I am definitely more pencil and paper when it comes to writing out a budget. I love that you can do this on one page and really have a good visual of what you are paying throughout the year.

  11. I am just now getting into the planning life. I have a planner so I could use this. Also thanks for the printable and I will be checking out your shop as well.

  12. I love the idea of having one place where I can keep all my finances organized. I’ve never been great at staying on a budget or keeping up with my finances. This would be super helpful!

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