Free To Do List Printable- Create a To Do List that WORKS!

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Free To-Do List Printable- Create a To Do List That Works!

Hey guys, you know I posted a few weeks ago about how I organize my day. I showed you my time blocking method where I plan certain tasks for certain times of the day. However, I know that in the reality that is life, sometimes time blocking won’t work for those of us who have schedules that vary. In my situation, some days are very hard to predict depending on my son’s mood & whatever schedule he wants to be on that day. So, when time blocking doesn’t work for me, I use my plan B- my “to do” list. Now, when you are juggling several things, a regular to do list just wont cut it. Your list needs to have some organization and structure to it, also. Here’s how to do it-

1. Write down everything you need to do on a scrap piece of paper. Include everything.

2. Think about the importance of each of the tasks- what needs to be done first? What can wait?

3. Place each task into a category (write this on your scrap paper)



These tasks are important to your life right now, or you have obligations that make them a top priority to get done.


What tasks are important, but can wait until tomorrow? These tasks are higher up on your priority list, but don’t have a time constraint attached to them. These are tasks that someone is not relying on you for, or that you are not doing for someone else… it wont affect someone else for those tasks to wait a day or two.

This Week

These are weekly tasks that you complete, such as cleaning, shopping, meal planning, or anything else that you personally do each week, or need to do this week.

 This Month

These tasks need to be completed this month. These are low in importance, but would be nice to accomplish in the next few weeks.

4. Next, you are going to look at the tasks in each of your categories and number those in order of importance. That way, you’ll be taking on the tasks in order of importance for today, then, if those tasks are finished, you can move on to tomorrow’s tasks to get a head start. Also, since you have your tasks for the week and month written down, you can add those in daily where you have room so that they are accomplished within a timely manner, and since you have them in order, you know you are getting the most important things done first, and if life does throw you a curveball, you at least know the most important things are done.

5. Write your ordered tasks onto your to-do list.

6. Check the tasks off as you go

This is important! Helps keep up the momentum!

Free To-Do List Printable- Create a To Do List That Works!

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  1. Saw you on Marvelous Mondays, I have the worst memory in the world so I absolutely love using to do lists for even the smallest task so that I wont forget to do it later! I always have scraps of paper laying around but these are way cuter!

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