How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

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Hi guys! If you’ve been around the planning community for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that this planning thing can easily get expensive- I know many people struggle with the cost of just getting a planner in the first place, and then you have accessories, stickers, pens, etc…

So, today I wanted to share some tips to help you get started for the least amount of money possible so you have more cash for the fun stuff!

How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

I’ll be talking about 4 different planners- these are my favorites, and I know many other people love these planners as well!

How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

A5 Carpe Diem!

Okay, so I am in love with these Carpe Diem planners… they are slightly wider than Filofax and I LOVE them! Here’s the deal with these planners… so many people/companies/individuals are selling them. So, my BEST tip is to shop around. For example, you can find this planner on Amazon for just $39.03 (plus shipping, these are not available for prime) but then The Reset Girl has it for $35.99 (plus 11.95 shipping). So, while the Reset Girl has the better price, always account for what you are going to pay to have it shipped.

How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

A5 Filofax

These planners are my 2nd love when it comes to binders. If you want to own a Filofax, here’s what you need to know- they’re all made out of different materials and different leather (some have no leather at all) so the prices vary greatly. The Filofax that I’ve found to be one of the most affordable (and still amazing) is the Saffiano. It comes in the colors raspberry, aquamarine, pear, and GOLD! On the Filofax website the raspberry, aquamarine, and pear are $67.50 (plus FREE shipping). However, on Amazon, you can get the Aquamarine for $48.51, the Pear for $54.69, and the Raspberry for $45.99… MUCH cheaper than the Filofax website (with Prime free shipping). For the Gold, Filofax has it for $67.50, and on Amazon it is $64.95.. not a huge difference, but still a little.

How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

The Happy Planner

Okay, so of course you can get your happy planner from Me and My Big Ideas’ website. The Happy Planners are $29.99 there and in stores at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The trick to getting these babies cheap is shopping one of the craft stores and using a coupon! You can sign up for the Michaels email list and the Hobby Lobby email list, and they will send you weekly coupons and there is usually a 40 or 50% off one regular priced item coupon each week! Take that to the store and there you go! I got my new Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby for just $18 with a 40% off coupon!

How to Get a Discount on your Favorite PLANNERS!

Erin Condren Life Planner

Finally, we have the holy grail of planners 😉 the Erin Condren Life Planner! These planners start at $50 + $9.95 standard shipping. However, each March they go on sale 20% off (right now they are just $40)… PLUS, if you are a NEW Erin Condren customer you can use this link to take an additional $10 off making your planner just $30 plus shipping!

*** Right now, the Erin Condren Life Planners are on sale 40% off- making them $30 (or $25 for a Good to Go planner!) if you are a new customer, use the $10 off link to get your planner for just $20 (or $15!!!)***

So there you have it- easy peasy ways to get your favorite planners on the cheap! Which planner is on your wish list?



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  1. Hi, Im on the unfruitful hunt for a planner that has the white polka dot interior like a Carpe Diem or a Kiki-k, black on the exterior. Any help will be appreciated!

    Cool website btw!

    1. Those are hard to find, I don’t think they’re being made anymore, but try some Carpe Diem groups or planner buy/sell groups on Facebook! A lot of people sell them used on there.

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