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Budget Organization- 10 Ways to Organize Your Finances

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Budget Organization: 10 Ways to Organize Your Finances Budgeting can be a tricky thing. We have had to overhaul our budget to save as much as possible before our move across the world (basically, right?) to Alabama that’s happening in July. I was talking to a friend and we were talking about how budgeting and money management is such a hard thing for a lot of people to incorporate into their lives. Well, I think budgeting should be easy and that everybody deserves to have some financial freedom- not the freedom to spend what they want, but the freedom to not worry about finances (because you have a budget that you stick to!) So, today I’m sharing 10 Ways to Organize Your Finances. I hope you can find a method or a tip in one of these links that helps you get your budget on track!

Budget Organization: 10 Ways to Organize Your Finances


1.5 Habits of Budget Savvy People from Living Well, Spending Less
2.How to Budget Monthly Expenses from Kansas City Mamas
3. Budget & Finances Planning Kit from Mama’s Got It Together
4. How to Track Your Expenses from Creative Savings Blog
5. Manage Your Bills with The Calendar Method from Frugal Living Mom
6. Budget Categories from Overstuffed Life

Budget Organization: 10 Ways to Organize Your Finances

7. 5 Ways to Build Your Savings Account from Today’s Frugal Mom
8. How to Budget with Inconsistent Paychecks from First Home Love Life
9. How Do We Cut Our Budget When There’s Nothing Left to Cut? from Money Saving Mom
10. Budgeting with Cash Envelopes from Today’s Nest

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  1. This is an awesome round up! We are super budget conscious in our house, and I often have a lot of people asking me where to begin. This round up is a great place to get people started. Had to pin it!

  2. thanks for all the tips and ideas… I really need to get a better handle on my finances. Stopping by from Share Your Stuff Tuesdays

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