5 Tips for Goal Setting + Free Daily Checklist Printable

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Hey guys! I have a super fun freebie to share today AND I’m sharing some great tips to help you reach your goals.


I am a huge believer in setting goals and making a plan to reach them- otherwise, how will you get to where you want to go??

I’ve been working hard on consistency and taking actionable steps everyday to reach my goals with the help of this printable!



I think goals are so important so that you have a direction and something you know you are working towards.

That’s step one- know what your goals are! Know what you want, and how to get there, then set goals to reach those steps! Make sure your goals are specific- broad goals such as “be a better mom” or “have a better business” are not helpful- you need to really dive deep and figure out HOW you are going to do this- for the example of “being a better mom”, could you take 20 minutes everyday to read to your children or meal prep each week to cook healthier dinners? What are YOUR goals and what do you need to do daily to reach them? That’s what you can put on this checklist to hold yourself accountable.

Be ready to sacrifice! The next step is to realize and accept the fact that if you have something you really want to accomplish, it is going to take time. If you are busy now, you are still going to be busy and you may even have to sacrifice other things in order to take the time to work on your goals. For me- this is usually the little bit of TV time I do have during the day or other “me time” activities that have to go to make time for working!

Then, when you free up that time you will have the time to focus on your goal each and everyday. This is where your daily checklist comes in- plan some daily tasks that will help you take action on your goals and put them on your checklist! Consistency is KEY, and you have to work hard everyday or every week- whatever applies to you in order for you to make progress. You’ve got to get focused and get passionate about your goals and do what it takes. Make yourself a monthly/weekly/daily plan and then work your plan!

Revisit your goals occasionally, whether it is weekly, monthly, or every 3 months. Make sure you are checking back in with yourself to make sure your goals still align with what you are wanting to do or where you are headed. I know for me personally, I set many goals in January that have changed now that we are halfway through the year just because of changes with life and my business. I am going to be revisiting things soon to redo my goals for this year. (Stay tuned for that post!)

Finally, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals at once. I feel like I can handle 3-4 goals at a time in each area of my life and even with that I have to revisit them often so I don’t forget everything I’m currently working towards. The good news is, it takes 21 days to make a habit, so if you set a goal for something such as drinking 48 oz of water daily, or doing one load of laundry daily, chances are once you are past that 21 day mark it will be ingrained that you need to do that today, so you won’t forget, and you won’t need to keep including it on your daily list. Once you’ve mastered a goal take it off and start on the next goal!


I put the category sections into these printables because for me it is easier to separate things- for example, I have daily tasks for the home and then daily tasks for my business, so I put them into different categories!

I hope that you find this checklist helpful & that it inspires you to check all the things off of your to do list each day!


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