Free Undated Digital Planner

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I am so excited to be sharing this new free undated digital planner today! I’ve been dabbling in digital planning for a while, and knew I wanted to create a digital planner to share here on the blog. I’ve included a PDF format file, which you can import to GoodNotes to use as a GoodNotes planner, or any other note-taking apps. I included hyperlinks so you can easily jump from section to section.

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Free Undated Digital Planner

This planner is simple, I just wanted to get my feet wet with building a planner, and learn easy ways to create. I used Canva to make this, and it was so easy! I’m going to share all about what is included, but you can sign up for our email list in one of the forms below to download this free undated digital planner. You’ll get access to all of our digital planning freebies when you do, the download link will open when you confirm your subscription, and you’ll also get the link sent to your email.

How to Start Digital Planning

If you are new to digital planning and want to learn more about how to get started and the best digital planners you can buy, check out our post on How to Get Started Digital Planning. It’s so easy if you have an iPad- all you need is the goodnotes app and you are ready to begin. There are other ways to digital plan with android devices, and even your phone, but our tutorial covers the basics of iPad planning. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in an iPad pro, there are several iPads that will work for digital planning, and some less expensive options, as long as you can use an apple pencil you are good to go. This is all covered in our getting started post.

How to Use this Free Undated Digital Planner

To use this hyperlinked planner, download the PDF file and import it into your app that you use. It includes sections for monthly planning, weekly planning, daily planning, your budget, health, goals, and more. We love undated planners since there’s no pressure to use them in a certain time period, so I knew I wanted this one to be made without dates. You can start using it any time! Sign up with your email address below to download-

​ Here’s everything we included in this fun productivity tool-

Our planner starts with an annual overview (the month names are clickable!), and a life assessment page to get you thinking about your goals. While I included pages for each month, there are no specific dates in this undated digital planner, so you can use it over and over, without worrying about dates.

Free Undated Digital Planner

The first monthly section includes a monthly pages, including a monthly calendar overview page, and monthly to-do list for each month of the year.

Next, the weekly section includes our undated weekly planner pages from Monday-Sunday. It includes space to write a daily goal, 3 daily priorities, important events on your schedule, habit tracker, and larger weekly over view to-do lists.

The daily section includes our daily page where you have a section to track your mood, daily focus, calls to make and emails to write, meals, water, exercise, a daily to-do list, daily tasks list, and daily schedule.

Free Undated Digital Planner

You can easily add extras of our daily planner pages and weekly pages by duplicating those pages. This is a great way to plan multiple days or weeks at a time.

For the budget section, we included a monthly budget page, as well as an expenses tracker. You can duplicate these pages, add your own, etc..

The health section includes a page to track your exercise and fitness, as well as a mood tracker on the other side.

For goals, we’ve included a monthly goal planner where you can track 3 main goals for the month, and the other side has a place where you can track 10 different habits for the month that will help you reach your goals.

Finally, we included a simple notes section at the end where you can write down anything you want! Or, duplicate and add your own PDFs that meet your own specific needs.

How to Add Pages to a Digital Planner

It is so easy to put together your very own custom digital planner. You can use the pages I’ve included or even add your own PDF pages (see our tutorial on how to add a PDF to your digital planner). Any PDF printable that we have here on the blog can be imported into your planner! That includes our fun monthly planning printables, meal planning printables, budget planners, and more.

This planner is for personal use, however I’ve considered offering this as a Canva template as well where you could totally customize your own planner or make one to sell (commercial use included)- let me know if that interests you in the comments below.

Free Undated Digital Planner

We hope you enjoy this free digital planner pdf and it helps you stay organized. From your daily routine to your budget, health, and more.. this simple digital planner with hyperlinked tabs is an easy way to get started digital planning. We love this all in-one planner style with daily/weekly/monthly planning and other sections to organize different areas of your life. The hyperlinked structure makes it easy to jump around inside the planner without having to have many different planners in use at once.

If you have any technical issues with this free planner, please let us know in the comments. I’m just getting into designing these so let me know if you come across any issues in the planner.

Want to Customize This Planner or Create Your Own?

You can now get the Canva template for this digital planner! Canva is a free, easy to use program for designing, and you can take this planner template, customize the fonts and colors, change the pages, change the layouts, etc…

Get the template to create your own CUSTOM digital planner for exactly what you need to get organized.

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