5 Planners Available on Amazon (with PRIME shipping!)

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Planner hunting can be hard. I know that sometimes, shipping from Erin Condren can be expensive, Michaels can sell out of your favorite planner items, and maybe they aren’t available online. Or, maybe you are impatient like me and OBSESSED with Amazon prime shipping. Either way, I’ve rounded up 5 planners available on Amazon (with prime shipping!)



Planners Available on Amazon

1. Erin Condren Life Planner
I was surprised to see Erin Condren on Amazon! I believe these are the same non-personalized planners that are available at some Staples locations. They’re slightly less expensive as the personalized ones on her website, but they don’t come personalized. There are several styles available, though, and some of her other planner accessories!

2. The Happy Planner
You can find the regular Happy Planners on Amazon, as well as some box kits, and other accessories, too! The Peony Florals design is my FAVORITE.

3. The Day Designer for Blue Sky
These are not the Day Designer planners from Whitney English’s site, but they are the planners that she did with Blue Sky. They were available at Target for a while, and they are on Amazon right now, too. These are great if you want to try out the Day Designer style before investing in the more expensive versions, although, some of these I do like better.

4. Bloom Daily Planners
These are an inexpensive planner option. They have super cute designs, and while I have not personally tried them YET, I have heard really great things!

5. The Carpe Diem
These are an awesome budget friendly option if you want a binder style planner. They’re currently available in A5 size, and a similar option is the Websters Color Crush, which are available in A5 or personal! I have used both styles and like them a lot. My Carpe Diem planners are some of my favorite.

There you go! Lots of planner options with Amazon prime shipping (usually FREE, and two-day shipping with them!). I have saved SO much money on shipping by becoming an Amazon prime member, and I am a little spoiled getting things delivered to my house in 2 days. If you order a lot online, ttry Amazon prime for 30 days, free!

There are SO many planners on Amazon, brands I had never heard of, but they are adorable and functional. I hope to do another post soon on those. Until then!


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