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Free Sticky Note Meal Planner Printable

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Hey guys!  I was feeling like it was time for another freebie! I’m going to try to get closer to doing them about once a week. Today’s printable is a Meal Planner Printable & one of my favorite meal planning tools, because it is flexible, and most days, flexible is key around here!

Free Sticky Note Meal Planner Printable

I wasn’t sure on a good color that would suit everyone, so I made it for you guys in three different colors. I used 2 inch x 2 inch sticky notes and they work perfectly. This printable makes meal planning a breeze & super flexible if you are like us and sometimes your meal planning needs can change at the drop of a hat. Depending on my husband’s work schedule, me forgetting to thaw something, and other mishaps that can happen throughout the day, I may need to change what’s for dinner at the last minute. This idea lets you move your meals around as you need to. You can see what you have planned for the week- aka what you have ingredients for in the house, and you can switch meals around as needed. Keep this printable in your housekeeping binder or even hang it on the fridge for easier access. You could even laminate it and use it as a dry erase board if you prefer not to use sticky notes!

Free Sticky Note Meal Planner

You can print this in a black & white version, a red/pink version (it’s pink on the computer, but red by my printer’s standards haha) or a blue version. If you want, just print all three!

Free Sticky Note Meal Planner
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Free Sticky Note Meal Planner

Happy Meal Planning!!

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  1. It’s funny that I came across this today because last night I finished a blog post about using sticky notes for calendars too. It’s a great idea and as you said, it’s flexible. Love!

    1. I just saw one for a blog editorial calendar too (might have been yours?! haha)and I was like woah! I would have never thought of that but sticky notes make everything more flexible!

  2. Thank you for all the printables you do. I have zippo talent at creating/graphic design….so I truly appreciate this!

  3. I like the laminating idea much better and if I show this to my daughters they would want me to print them out for their American Girl Dolls… I do, however, need to jump on the planning a meal bandwagon.. So hard w not knowing if the husband is going to eat lunch close to dinner and my girls don’t eat our meals so it is tough.

  4. My love of post it’s has reached a whole new level! Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I’ve pinned it and can’t wait to print it.

  5. LOVE this!!! They are super cute and you are totally right about having to change plans at the last minute. I do that all the time…LOL

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