How to Organize Your Entire Life with Printables

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I love organizing with printables. I feel like there are so many great printable options that it is easy to find just what you need. They are definitely a great, budget friendly way to get organized.

One of the things I hear most often is that someone doesn’t have a printer available for printing things. However, you don’t need a super expensive printer to get you started. There are a ton of great printer options on Amazon for $50 and under, and they are even less expensive in stores, too. I typically purchase generic brand ink from Amazon, to save on printing.

So, once you are set up with a printer you can print anything you need, whenever!

Next, you’ll need a way to store your printables.

To keep things really simple, you can get a regular 3 ring binder from your local store. Target and Walmart both have fun colored binders. You’ll want some dividers, too, to create sections in your binder.

If you want to get a little more funky, you can purchase an A5 sized binder to keep half letter size printables. This type of binder might be a little more portable and easy to take on the go with you. You’ll have a little investment up front, such as a hole punch for putting the printables in, but there are some really nice binder designs and you can create yourself a planner you’ll really love.

Pictured is my Platinum Carpe Diem planner (discontinued) and my planny pack from that holds my favorite pens!

You can use any printer paper for your printables, but I recommend 28 lb paper that is sold in most stores. It is a little thicker than basic copy paper.

Once you have your planner or binder, you’ll need printables!

There are many options for free printables from different sites and blogs. You can find a ton of free printables on Pinterest, too. I have a free printables board that you can follow here.

There are also inexpensive printables that you can purchase from places like Etsy, too.

You can browse my printables here in my Etsy shop, or check out my Printable Library Membership which includes hundreds of organizational printables.

What kind of printables do you need?

To answer that question- you need to think about what things you want to organize. Typically, most people want to get their finances organized, get their routines down, such as cleaning routines, create a meal plan, etc… Brainstorm a list of things you want to organize so that you know what you need to look for.

I do want to note that doing all the printing and getting your binder or planner setup is useless unless you use your printables. I’ve found that printables usually are the easiest, most efficient way to get things organized. They keep it simple, all you have to do is fill them in and you can keep up with all the important things you want to organize. Printables are a super functional way to keep things together.

There you have it! It is so easy to get organized with printables & I love them because they are so functional and budget friendly compared to more expensive planners and organization tools.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick & easy look at how to get started organizing with printables. For more great printable & planner inspiration, check out these posts:

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